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Why You'll Love This Job

Are you interested in joining a dynamic company that delivers successful in-home treatment to clients with substance use disorder? If you are a caring, compassionate and capable individual who can work in a field-based team and meets or exceeds the following, we want to hear from you!

Aware Recovery Care (ARC) offers a holistic approach to treatment and changes the way clients receive care throughout the country. ARC is a year-long, home based, addiction treatment program that works collaboratively with a multidisciplinary team to assist clients in their first year of recovery. In this workplace, employees are given more freedom to map their paths to growth (with the financial and moral support they need).

As a support to other CRAs (Client Recovery Advisors) in the field, the role of CRA Lead requires demonstration of leadership qualities and a proven ability to practice evidence-based client care. CRA Leads serve as a frequent point of contact for both Agency Leadership and their team members within their territory.

Position Highlights:

  • This role is full-time non-exempt with an hourly salary rate of $22-28 an hour, depending on licensure/ certifications, experience etc.

Benefits Highlights
Coverage: Health, vision and dental through Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, FSA, HSA that comes with an employer match, along with STD, LTD, life insurance, EAP, and more.
Balance: Competitive Paid Time Off (PTO) plan, 10 paid Holidays, 2 paid floating Holidays of your choice
Development: Certification/continuing education eligibility, leadership development and 1 paid day off a year to go towards personal professional development.
Retirement: 401(k) retirement plan
Culture: Dedication to diversity, equity and inclusion, and a growing working environment.
*In order to be eligible for our full benefits package you must be employed full time at a minimum of 32 hours a week*

*Aware Recovery Care is an equal opportunity employer*


Maintain a caseload at half of regular visit capacity 
On a monthly basis: 
  • Supervision  
  • Receive Supervision from CRA Manager (one individual, one group with other CRA Leads) 
  • Provide Individual Supervision to other CRAs within territory 
  • One-on-one Administrative Supervision to territorial CRAs 
  • One Group Supervision with territorial CRAs  
  • Appropriate documentation for individual, Administrative and Group Supervisions 
  • Plan and run territorial meetings in collaboration with other department leads in the territory 
  • “New business” of the territory (check-in and updates) 
  • Training discussion topic 
  • Staff Q&A and discussion (challenges, victories, etc.) 
On a weekly basis: 
  • Review CRAs’ (within territory) weekly schedules in AURA on Monday to make sure they are in 
  • Remind staff to complete this task if schedule is not in 
  • Look at New Starts/Restarts Google Sheet on Monday and Friday afternoons to review potential incoming clients to the territory 
  • Attendance at Case Review 
  • Regular communication with and support of CRAs in territory: 
  • Teams facing client engagement challenges 
  • Client not meeting with the team, not answering calls, frequently canceling, preferring virtual meetings, etc. 
  • Team splitting or overall lack of team cohesion 
  • Team members schedule frequent virtual over in-person meetings 
  • Attendance at or assistance in preparation prior to team or family meetings as requested by staff 
  • Engagement in SWATs 
  • Leads will be invited to SWATs via Google Calendar for reference of what's happening in their territory, but do not need to feel pressured to attend them all. If unable to make it, follow-up with the team and provide support as needed 
  • Attendance at every first CCM for clients in the territory whenever possible, especially more challenging cases  
  • Note: Wherever the client lives, dictates the lead that should be in attendance. Lead who attended the CCM needs to share information with other Lead if client’s Care Team is cross-territorial 
  • Regular communication with CRA Managers: 
  • Territorial challenges (client and/or team) and patterns of potential performance concern(s) of CRAs in territory 
  • Brewing or current client crises 
New Hires:
  • Assist with CRA interviewing 
  • First in line to provide shadowing/mentoring to new CRA hires 
  • If unable to provide first-line shadowing/mentoring, will provide backup recommendation to Training staff 
  • CRA Leads will receive CC Lead “weekend radar” emails and must respond with any missing information and/or clients they are aware of that should be included and were omitted from original email 
  • Maintain a supply of UDS cups and other bag supplies 
  • Administer UDS supplies to CRAs in territory 
  • Coordinate with Office Manager for UDS supply inventory 
  • Establish and/or strengthen relationships with resources and outside providers within territory for client utilization. 
  • Maintain communication with Clinical Outreach Manager regarding territorial resources: 
  • Identifying/vetting new client or ally resources and Providers 
  • Establishing a plan of action for reaching untapped resources 
  • Direction on messaging ARC program – current and future offerings 
  • Maintain supply of marketing materials for territorial staff to grab for appropriate local events. 
  • Perform miscellaneous job-related duties as required. 

Skills & Qualifications

  • High School Diploma or GED equivalent. 
  • Prior experience working in the SUD field. 
  • Must possess CAPRC I or II or equivalent, or be eligible within 6 months.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.
Other Requirements:  
  • Maintain halved caseload capacity.  
  • Knowledge of ARC policies and procedures 
  • Knowledge of counseling theories such as Motivational Interviewing 
  • Ability to develop professional relationships with staff and outside agencies 
  • Demonstrate the qualities of a serving leader 
  • Must be able to self-start and possess excellent time management skills 
  • Knowledge of effective supervision approaches 
  • Appreciation and respect for principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Ability to engage with diverse audiences (age, gender, nationality, race/ethnicity, profession, etc.)  
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